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We inaugurate a section quite demanded by our clients.
If you have a feature film, you can count on us.

We offer you a monthly flat rate of 200 € + VAT, with a minimum stay of 6 months.

This flat rate covers an average of 20 festivals per month, i.e. 120 festivals in total.
Send us your proposal for more information at


Our LINE UP credit system has been updated as follows:

The minimum investment is 185,50 €* (25 LINE UP credits)

Moreover, in LINE UP there is no monthly fee, you just choose the type of LINE UP credits that interests you the most and you decide the rate of distribution and the rate of acquisition of LINE UP Credits.

25 credits LINE UP - 185,50 €*.
(Between 50-62 submissions, depending on the type of submission)
(Recommended for one and a half months / two months of Distribution)

50 credits LINE UP  - 352,25 €*
(Between 100-125 submissions, depending on the type of submission)
(Recommended for 2-3 months of Distribution)

100 credits LINE UP - 628,25 €*
(Between 200-250 submissions, depending on the type of submission)
(Recommended for 4-6 months of Distribution)

200 LINE UP credits - 1168,75 €*
(Between 400-500 submissions, depending on the type of submission)
(Recommended for 6-8 months of Distribution)

300 credits LINE UP - 1674,75 €*
(Between 600-750 submissions, depending on the type of submission)
(Recommended for a full year of Distribution)

* Prices excluding VAT and personal income tax, where applicable.

When you run out or are close to running out of LINE UP credits, we will inform you, but we will not force you to pay for more. You can renew your credits whenever you want.

LINE UP Credits do not expire.

We've created some private Google Docs that we'll share with you so that you'll be aware of the shipments you've made, the consumption of credits and the status of submissions!

LINE UP CREDIT SYSTEM - Distribute your short film across six continents!

Tell us what kind of distribution you want to do: National, European or International.

Whether it's submission by platforms, VIMEO links...

Each online submission will be exchanged for 0,40 LINE UP credits.
In other words, 5 entries of this type will correspond to 2 LINE UP credits.

Independently of the nationality of the Festival and adapting to the progressive change of the online platforms and the new systems of inscription, as an alternative to the mailings we change our tariffs in a revolutionary way.

NOTE: For those festivals that take the Entry Fee away from us, a maximum of 3 credits and a minimum of 0.80 will be discounted, as compensation for the management with the Festival and the savings of the Entry Fee and depending on the amount of the fees, according to this table:

Fee discounts: (besides the credits of the submission)

fees less than 2,5 € - 0,20 credits
fees between 2,5 - 10 € - 0,40 credits
fees between 10 - 17 € - 0,80 credits
rates between 17 - 25 € - 1,60 credits
fees over 25 €- 3 credits

NOTE: For Festivals that require prior conversion or upload to FTP, Wetransfer, or similar, will be exchanged in total for 1 LINE UP Credit.

Since October 2017 we no longer work with DVD mailings, all procedures will be done online, except Pendrive mailings, in this case will be charged 1, 2 or 3 credits depending on whether it is a national, European or extra-European mail.

FUNCTIONING. YOU DECIDE EVERYTHING.If you prefer to tell us which are the national and international festivals in which you want to register your short film, you must provide the list.

If you don't provide us with the listing, we will enroll your short film in the festivals where your short film can best fit. We will get going, you can trust us.

Tell us if you prefer your short film to be registered or not in festivals that ask for an online submission.

Tell us if you prefer that your short is not or is not registered in online competition festivals.

Tell us if you prefer to register your short film in festivals that request a final copy in 35mm, either because you have it, or because if you are selected you have a budget for it. We can contact you with companies that perform this service.

* We will need your written commitment to participate, which we will send together with the inscription of the inscribed Festival.

Let us know if you prefer to register your short film in Festivals that ask for an Entry Fee (a payment tax that exists in some relevant international festivals such as Sundance or the Berlinale).

* If you are interested in this option, you must pay in advance the Entry Fee corresponding to the festival you wish to register for. Tell us which Festivals interest you or we will advise you.


From this moment on, you are in charge of providing them with the requested material (On many occasions they usually ask for Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, 35mm copy, Press Kit, etc. or a MOV copy in Full HD (H264) *).

* Remember that we can advise you, but we do not offer this service.

If you are invited to a Festival, we will forward all the information we receive from the Festival, so that you can easily coordinate with the festival and thus facilitate your work.

If you win a prize with your short film, we will promote it on social networks, congratulations!

We don't charge commission, the prize is yours alone.

That's all. It's very simple, you decide if you want to start distributing your short film on a global, European or national scale at a very affordable price.

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